logo2-small  “Increasing net worth through guaranteed deferral of capital gains tax”

tds-sales-iconThere’s a better way to delay capital gains tax on the Sale of Appreciated Assets!
TDS helps sellers of appreciated assets legally delay taxation and increase net worth.

TDS implements proprietary tax deferral strategy based on 20 years of Tax Deferral LLM Taxation Attorney Expertise. Often there is a better alternative to restrictive 1031 Exchanges.

Capital gains deferral means increased net worth
You can delay & control your tax payment schedule

  • A superior approach to delaying tax impact
  • Proprietary strategies developed by a tax expert
  • A legal mechanism for deferring capital gains tax, and
  • A tax payment schedule base on your needs not the IRS’

Access capital now while deferring taxes until later

  • Security of Liquid Asset at major financial institutions
  • Possibility of a separate transaction Tax-free loan financing allows sellers to access capital
  • TDS tax deferral creates: liquidity, defers taxes and grows net worth

TDS provides sellers with a better way to manage tax expense & appreciated assets


  • Founded by an expert tax attorney with over 20 years in practice
  • Designed to give sellers the possibility of additional liquidity if needed
  • A proprietary solution for delaying state and federal capital gains tax