If Your 1031 Transaction Is Failing All Is Not Lost

Many savvy real estate investors in the state of California are turning away from 1031 transactions in order to defer capital gains taxes. This is due to the fact that they are burdensome, stressful, and fail on a regular basis because either suitable reinvestment property cannot be timely identified or they don't want to buy [...]

How A Capital Gains Deferment Installation Sale Works

An installment sale in real estate investing in the state of California allows for the partial deferral of any capital gain to future tax years and allows the Sellers to get back there cost basis (plus any improvements made) tax free. Installment sales also obligates and requires the buyer of the property under enforceable contract [...]

A Real Estate Tax Plan That Saves Failing 1031 Transactions

A 1031 exchange is not your only option for deferring burdensome capital gains taxes when you sell your investment property in California. Furthermore, there is a method that can save failing 1031 transactions. Find out how a Tax Deferred Sales, LLC ("TDS") installment sale may very well be your best tax strategy by continuing to [...]

Defer Paying Capital Gains Tax With A Section 453 Installment Sale

Do you own highly appreciated real estate, personal residence, second home or investment property in the state of California than you know exactly how important it is to make as much profit as possible from the investment during the time that you own it. It is just as important to keep as much money from [...]

Review The Tax Options With A Pro Before Selling Real Estate

Real Estate investors/Seller of appreciated, primary residences, second homes and investment real estate in the state of California should always review their options when it comes to paying capital gains taxes and recapture/depreciation taxes with a professional tax advisor before selling any piece of investment property. This is due to the fact that when real [...]

Failing 1031 Exchanges Can Be Rescued via an Installment Sale

A plethora of real estate investors/Sellers turn to 1031 exchanges in order to defer paying the capital gains taxes that are owed when selling investment properties at a profit. That being stated, these types of transactions often fail due to the fact that rules and regulations as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) [...]

Are You Experiencing A Failed 1031 Exchange?

Real estate can be a rewarding and highly profitable investment vehicle for investors in the state of California. It is important to maximize your real estate investments in order to truly build wealth. That means you need to find legal ways to minimize the amount of capital gains tax that you are required to pay [...]

Use This Section 453 Installment Sale Method To Maximize Your Tax Position

Many savvy real estate investors in the state of California are now choosing to sell their properties with an Internal Revenue Code Section 453 "Installment Sale. They are doing this because the outcome is often more certain than attempting a 1031 Exchange transaction with the similar result of Delaying Large Capital Gain Taxation by way [...]

If Your 1031 Exchange Is Failing There Is A Solution

The 1031 tax deferred exchange is a popular way to delay the payment of capital gains taxes from the sale of real estate investment property in California. That being stated, they tend to fail on a regular basis. You are certainly not alone if that has occurred with one or more of your investment property [...]

Delay Capital Gains Tax On Investment Property The Right Way Part 1 of 2

Selling your investment property for a tremendous profit in California is the goal of the vast majority of real estate investors. However, in order to truly retain actual use of the most amount of sale proceeds money it is key to defer paying the capital gains tax. That means you simply cannot take your proceeds [...]