1031 Alternative

The Economic Shutdown Is Causing Failing 1031 Transactions

1031 tax deferred exchanges are a popular way to defer capital gains taxes, which is why so many real estate investors in the state of California rely on them. Historically speaking, a plethora of them fail. This is due to the fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made it incredibly difficult to abide [...]

Introducing The Tax Deferred Sales, LLC Installment Sale Method

Far too many real estate investors and  other investors owning highly appreciated assets in the State of California do not realize that there is a far better way to delay capital gains tax when you sell appreciated assets. You simply do not need to rely on 1031 tax deferred exchanges any longer. If you are [...]

Installment Sales Save Failing 1031 Exchanges

The most important aspects of a real estate investment is realizing the maximize amount of money from that investment. That means you need to purchase the property at a favorable price, sell it for a profit, and put the highest percentage of that profit back in your pocket. The buying low and selling high principal [...]

Increase Your Net Worth By Deferring The Capital Gains Tax

One of the main points of making a real estate investment in the state of California is to achieve as much appreciation profit as possible when selling the asset. Yet the capital gains tax, that you are required to pay if realizing a profit, significantly reduces the amount of revenue that you can actual net [...]

Get To Know Tax Deferred Sales, LLC.

Tax Deferred Sales, LLC, otherwise known as TDS, specializes in providing sellers of investment properties with a better way to manage their negative capital tax expense and sales of appreciated assets in the State of California. Our company was founded by Paul A. Conte. Paul is an LLM tax attorney who has been in practice [...]

The Main Reason Why Many 1031 Transactions Fail

A 1031 exchange may provide real estate investors in the California area with the ability to legally defer capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property. However, there are a great deal of strict rules and regulations to follow regarding the reinvestment of the net proceeds of the sale. That being stated, if the [...]

The 1031 Transaction Rules Are Just Too Strict

If you own real estate and are considering selling it and purchasing another property in the state of California, you may be aware of the 1031 tax deferred exchange, otherwise known as a 1031 transaction. In essence, it is a method that provides the owner of an investment property with the option to sell the [...]