customized Installment Sale strategies

Installment Sales Save Failing 1031 Exchanges

The most important aspects of a real estate investment is realizing the maximize amount of money from that investment. That means you need to purchase the property at a favorable price, sell it for a profit, and put the highest percentage of that profit back in your pocket. The buying low and selling high principal [...]

A 1031 Transaction Is Not Your Best Option

The current economic shut down has made it difficult to comply with IRS Section 1031 regulations for real estate investors in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Failing 1031 exchanges are at crisis levels across the United States for commercial property owners. Deals in progress on the sale of investment real estatesĀ  assets are [...]

The Main Reason Why Many 1031 Transactions Fail

A 1031 exchange may provide real estate investors in the California area with the ability to legally defer capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property. However, there are a great deal of strict rules and regulations to follow regarding the reinvestment of the net proceeds of the sale. That being stated, if the [...]

Saving A Failing 1031 Transaction Takes Expertise

1031 transactions in California can fail despite your best efforts, proper preparation and hours of planning. It happens to seasoned real estate investors as much as it happens to novices. There is a great deal of reasons for this. A plethora of real estate investors fail to abide by the property identification rules, the qualifying [...]

The Best 1031 Alternative To Identifying Investment Property

In the real estate investment circles, a 1031 tax deferred exchange is a way to defer capital gains taxes when selling a real estate related asset for profit in California. Although some investors choose this tactic, it is not ideal if you need to cash out the proceeds in order to put it in your [...]

Do You Need A 1031 Alternative To Buying Property?

Did you know that real estate is the only asset that qualifies for a 1031 transaction? In essence, an investor can only defer the capital gains tax payments on the profit from the sale of a property if they purchase another piece of like kind real estate. Although like kind is a broad term, it [...]