Defer capital gains tax payment

How A Capital Gains Deferment Installation Sale Works

An installment sale in real estate investing in the state of California allows for the partial deferral of any capital gain to future tax years and allows the Sellers to get back there cost basis (plus any improvements made) tax free. Installment sales also obligates and requires the buyer of the property under enforceable contract [...]

Defer Paying Capital Gains Tax With A Section 453 Installment Sale

Do you own highly appreciated real estate, personal residence, second home or investment property in the state of California than you know exactly how important it is to make as much profit as possible from the investment during the time that you own it. It is just as important to keep as much money from [...]

Review The Tax Options With A Pro Before Selling Real Estate

Real Estate investors/Seller of appreciated, primary residences, second homes and investment real estate in the state of California should always review their options when it comes to paying capital gains taxes and recapture/depreciation taxes with a professional tax advisor before selling any piece of investment property. This is due to the fact that when real [...]

Ways To Defer Taxes When Selling Any Real Estate Investment

It goes without saying that real estate investors should position themselves properly tax wise when sellingĀ  at a profit any real estate property including: a personal residence, second home, or an investment property which typically qualifies for a 1031 Exchange. The less you pay in taxes now equals more wealth that you can use to [...]

The Economic Shutdown Is Causing Failing 1031 Transactions

1031 tax deferred exchanges are a popular way to defer capital gains taxes, which is why so many real estate investors in the state of California rely on them. Historically speaking, a plethora of them fail. This is due to the fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made it incredibly difficult to abide [...]

Increase Your Net Worth By Deferring The Capital Gains Tax

One of the main points of making a real estate investment in the state of California is to achieve as much appreciation profit as possible when selling the asset. Yet the capital gains tax, that you are required to pay if realizing a profit, significantly reduces the amount of revenue that you can actual net [...]

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges Are Doomed To Fail

There is a reason why so many 1031 tax deferred exchanges end up failing. In essence, they are all but doomed in this economic shutdown. This is due to the fact that the stipulations as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are difficult to abide by in the best of times. They are [...]