Tax Deferred Sales, LLC (TDS) provides a proprietary alternative solution for the deferment of taxes in order to save and rescue failing 1031 exchange transactions.

TDS is directed by a LLM Taxation Attorney with over 20 years of capital gains tax deferral and reduction expertise. Through the years, the company has developed a proprietary tax Installment Sale Structure that is the key to saving failing 1031 exchange transactions. TDS has a single-minded focus on assuring the exchanger/seller’s deferral of taxation in order to increase the seller’s net worth.

TDS’s Installment Sale strategy of purchasing a 1031 account balance has received a favorable third party legal opinion letters for multi-million dollar transactions.

TDS’s proprietary taxation expertise is based on over 20 years of 1031 exchange transaction experience, and tax deferral expertise as a 1031 Qualified Intermediary with LLM Taxation Attorney Expertise.

1031 exchanges typically fail due to the fact that the seller/exchanger simply cannot find a suitable replacement property within 45 days from the original date of the selling transaction according to the rules set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, 1031 exchanges fail because the seller/exchanger decides they do not want to purchase the replacement property, or cannot close on the replacement property within 180 days from the original date of the selling transaction.

TDS can save a failing 1031 exchange transaction in either of the situations as listed above with unparalleled tax deferral expertise in installment sales that are in full compliance with all Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations.

Please contact Tax Deferred Sales Today for more information, or to get the process of saving a failing 1031 exchange transaction started. I personally look forward to helping you grow your wealth by delaying taxation of assets.